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Customer Review--Christine Viola

I cannot speak more highly of a vendor than Mia. From the moment we corresponded we clicked. I originally booked with a MAC Artist, but struggled to find a Hair Stylist that would provide me with extensions, without charging me an obscene amount. I had seen a few hair/makeup trials with Mia on this site, and when I finally saw Jessica (CaMacho's) makeup trial, I knew Mia was it. She came to my house in Brooklyn for my trial, and spent 6+ hours achieving the look I wanted. She also did not charge for hair extensions, so that was honestly the biggest selling point. Once I had my trial and shared my pictures with my bridesmaids, they all wanted to utilize her services. On the day of, she arrived at my home promptly at 9:00 a.m. and got right to work. She ended up doing two of my bridesmaids' hair and makeup, my mother's makeup, another bridesmaids' hair, and of course my hair and makeup. She was professional, super friendly, and honestly my favorite vendor. I highly recm'd her services to those brides that are trying to achieve a dramatic and youthful appearance.

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